Happy Healthy Human

Simple Snacks to help you eat with intention.

Each snack is a convenient (and healthy) 1.5 oz portion. Take them on the go in resealable packages, but you'll want to eat them all - they're made with wholesome, organic ingredients, and they taste delicious!

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Gift a sample pack with the complete line of Happy Healthy Human snacks, so your friend can discover which snack they need (and love) the most!

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Why Happy Healthy Human?

Happy Healthy Human Food came out of my experience as a PhD in nutrition, wellness coach and yoga instructor with expertise in Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system of medicine and healing).

The spices and ingredients included in each recipe are designed to effect your body in specific ways. So grab Balance when you're not feeling focused, Motivation when you're a bit sluggish, Relief when you're over-stressed, Calm when you need to cool down, or Energy when you're dragging in the middle of the afternoon.

Yes, these snacks have the nutrition cred to back them up, but everyone agrees - they're delicious and delightful to eat.

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What people are saying

The HHH Energy saved me when I was running low on fuel in a recent 3 hour MMA training session. I was able to eat it during a short break without any adverse effects with digestion. And Duh...it tastes like cookie dough.

Gregory T., Washington DC

I just tried all of them and really liked the snacks.  I am generally not a fan of granola and energy bars, so you got past my biases around healthy snacks.

Virginia R.