Happy Healthy Human

Simple snacks to help you eat with intention.

Each organic snack is named after how it affects your body and mind. With unique flavors and delicious, gluten-free ingredients, you'll feel and be your best!

Peanuts * Raisins * Turmeric * Roasted Chickpeas

This savory snack will have you feeling grounded, focused, and strong. 

Find Balance

Coconut * Blueberries * Fennel * Roasted Chickpeas

Cool down with this subtle and delicious trail mix. Life will feel as easy as a tropical island.

Get Calm

Pumpkin seeds * Cranberries * Smoked Pimentón * Roasted Chickpeas 

This spicy and sweet snack has you ready to work in no time.

Be Motivated

Brazil nuts * Banana * Maca * Cinnamon

This cozy snack will help your body and mind relax. It's like a hug, only better.

Reduce Stress

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The Perfect Gift

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Gift a sample pack with the complete line of Happy Healthy Human snack mixes, so your friend can discover which one they need (and love) the most!

You'll get 4 single-serve snacks with a box and note. Have something extra you'd like to say to your friend? We'll include your gift message!


Buy in Bulk & Save!

Customize your own 5 or 10 pack of snacks to get big savings.

You don't want to be left alone when the hanger strikes. Store some bags in your car, your office, and your home! 

The more you buy, the more you save!

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Why Happy Healthy Human?

Happy Healthy Human snacks were designed by Samantha Attard, a nutrition PhD, yoga instructor, and performance coach who wanted to create personalized snacks for her clients.

The spices and organic ingredients are designed to affect your body in specific ways, while also being delicious and delightful to eat.

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What people are saying

The HHH Energy saved me when I was running low on fuel in a recent 3 hour MMA training session. I was able to eat it during a short break without any adverse effects with digestion. And Duh...it tastes like cookie dough.

Gregory T., Washington DC

I just tried all of them and really liked the snacks.  I am generally not a fan of granola and energy bars, so you got past my biases around healthy snacks.

Virginia R.