About the Snacks

What makes Happy Healthy Human different than other snacks on the market?
HHH snacks are designed for flavor and function. In designing these snacks, we carefully considered the macronutrient (carb, fat, protein), micronutrient (vitamin and minerals), and energetic (cooling, heating, heavy, light, sweet, salty, astringent, bitter, sour, pungent) qualities of each ingredient to formulate well-balanced snacks that taste amazing. Most food on the market ignore one (if not all) of these qualities.
Each of these snacks are high in protein (8-10 g per serving), use organic ingredients, are gluten free, vegan, and are convenient to eat on the go.
What do each of the snacks do and how do they achieve it?
Balance: How do you find balance? You find your footing. You find grounding. So Balance has some heavier/stronger flavors and ingredients so that you can find center once again. Raisins are sweet and heavy, peanuts are high in fat and have a deep quality. Turmeric reduces inflammation, but it needs black pepper to aid this action. Pepper adds a spark and a spice. Amchoor powder (a dried mango powder), adds a sourness, which adds to the heavier, balancing qualities of the snack. Learn more about our specific ingredients here.
Calm: Calm is cooling. So I use coconut oil and coconut flakes to be a lighter mix with the dried chickpeas. Fennel adds a cooling, airy element that soothes and calms your digestive system, and dried blueberries are small, sweet, and light, so you can let any anger go.  Learn more about our specific ingredients here.

Motivation: Motivation is designed to help you get off your butt and get into action. Pumpkin seeds are a light, lower-in-fat seed, and it’s combined with dried cranberry, which is more sour than sweet. There is only a small amount of olive oil to hold everything together. A dash of cayenne pepper gets you the pep you need to get moving!  Learn more about our specific ingredients here.
Relief: This is designed to ease frazzled nerves and support your entire endocrine (hormone) system. Maca is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your cortisol lower and you to find calm. Brazil nuts are high in selenium, supporting a healthy thyroid. Banana is high in potassium, which acts to counteract sodium and high blood pressure. Cinnamon adds to the lovely cozy flavor that just makes you feel safe and at ease.  Learn more about our specific ingredients here.
Where do your ingredients come from?
We have fabulous suppliers from around the globe and are committed to sourcing the best ingredients possible for our snacks. Learn about each ingredients and where we source it here.
Where do you make your snacks?
We make Happy Healthy Human snacks in the beautiful Washington, D.C. We belong to Mess Hall, a culinary incubator for small food businesses.

Which snack has the least sodium?

All of our snacks have between 7-8% of your daily sodium needs (~160-220mg per serving). We use non-iodized sea salt from Spain. The least salty snacks are Motivation and Relief.


Which snack has the least sugar?

The only sugars in our snacks come from our dried organic fruit, some of which are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. The snack with the least carbohydrates is Relief, with only 2 grams of sugar (1 gram added sugar) per serving. Balance, Calm, and Motivation look like they have more carbs, but this is due to the roasted chickpeas which add fiber and resistant starches.


Turmeric is good for everything - why specifically is good for Balance?

Turmeric is quite the miracle food! We include turmeric in Balance for it's anti-inflammatory, circulation stimulating, and warming properties. Together, these actions help to strengthen your connection to the earth and help you find more stability in your body and mind. 


Our organic turmeric comes from a small farm in Java, so it's the freshest, most potent turmeric you can find. 


I love your shirts! Can I order them?

Thank you! Pre-order is coming soon. In the meantime, send us an email at sam@behappyhealthyhuman.com with "Shirt order" in the subject line so you'll be the first to know when they go on sale!



Are your snacks certified organic?
Though we use all certified organic ingredients, our finished product is not certified organic because we work in a commercial facility that processes non-organic products. 
Are your snacks kosher certified?
No they are not. We work in a commercial facility that processes non-kosher ingredients.
Are your snacks certified gluten-free?
While our ingredients are all gluten-free, our finished product is not certified gluten-free because we work in a commercial facility that processes ingredients containing gluten.


What allergens are present in your products?

Our products are free of wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs. Balance contains peanuts, Relief contains almonds and brazil nuts. Motivation contains pumpkin seeds, and Calm contains coconut. 

Purchasing Happy Healthy Human snacks


Where can I buy Happy Healthy Human?
We have a variety of retail partners in the DC/Virginia area, including Whole Foods, Yes! Organic, Commonwealth Joe, and Odd Provisions. We also sell through online grocery retailers like Washington's Green Grocer and From the Farmer. We are expanding to different cities, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Charleston. See our current retail partners here. Want to see us at a store or yoga studio near you? Send us an email at info@behappyhealthyhuman.com!



Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not ship internationally. Contact us at info@behappyhealthyhuman.com if you want a custom quote for your order!


Don't see your question answered here? Send us a note at info@behappyhealthyhuman.com!