3 Minute Meditations: Focus Pack

3 Minute Meditations: Focus Pack

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Finding yourself mindlessly checking social media when you should be working? Do you have half-finished projects all around the house that never seem to get done? Know that you spouse is talking to you, but having a hard time listening?

Sounds like you could use a little focus.

Meditation helps you increase your ability to focus. You learn to direct your attention and hold that attention for extended periods of time, so that when you’re at work or with your family, you can flex that focus muscle and stay present.

This set of 10, 3-minute meditations is the perfect way to strengthen your focus muscle, and find direction in the middle of a hectic day. Download these mp3s to your computer or mobile device to listen at home, at work, or on the go.

Bonus!! You’ll also receive a short guide with 5 strategies to help you bring focus to your body and mind.