Chakra Balancing Meditation Program

Chakra Balancing Meditation Program

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The chakras have a long and powerful lineage that shows up in spiritual traditions from around the world, including Yogic philosophy, Jewish Kabbalah traditions, Islamic Sufiism, Christianity, and modern psychology.


In this meditation program, you'll learn how to use the chakras in your daily life to help you balance energy and emotions throughout the body.


There's a 10-page workbook to explore the essential oils, yoga poses, and affirmations that bring balance to the 7 chakras. You’ll also learn about their history and how to incorporate chakra intentions into your daily life.


Then, use the 8 guided meditations to bring balance to each chakra. There's an introductory chakra clearing meditation that can be used every day, plus a schedule of meditations and intentions to balance each chakra in turn. The guided meditations range from 10-15 minutes, and are designed for beginner to expert meditation practitioners alike.


When you purchase this meditation program, you’ll receive an zip file with a PDF and 8 .mp3 files for the meditations.


Your Dollars Do Good:

When you purchase this meditation program, 5% will go to  The Thich Nhat Hahn Foundation, an organization that provides mindfulness practices to underserved communities.


Through better understanding of the chakras, you can bring healing to yourself, and better communication and compassion to the people around you.